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Bylaws 1/18/2018

Article I: Name and Purpose

Section 1: Name

The name of this organization shall be called “NASHUA CAL RIPKEN LEAGUE” referred to as “the League” in these by-laws and shall consist of the following divisions with recommended age ranges:

Cal Ripken Tee-Ball (5 & Under)
Cal Ripken Rookies (7 & Under)
Cal Ripken Minors (8 & Under)
Cal Ripken AAA (10 & Under)
Cal Ripken Majors (12 and Under)

Section 2: Purpose

The League operates to provide children 4 to 12 years of age a fun baseball environment centered on the fundamentals of baseball and sportsmanship.

The League will operate as a 501-C3 non-profit organization and shall be affiliated with the national Babe Ruth League, Inc., Cal Ripken division and shall be called “Babe Ruth” in these by-laws.

The League shall be bound by the rules of play as they are issued by Babe Ruth, with certain exceptions as approved by the Board of Directors and contained in the league rulebook.

The League’s principal operations shall be in and about the City of Nashua, County of Hillsborough, and State of New Hampshire.

Section 3: Dissolution Clause

In the event of the dissolution of the corporation, the assets will be donated to a nonprofit organization(s) promoting baseball programs, if possible,  for youth in the Nashua, New Hampshire area which are exempt from Federal income tax under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code, as amended (or the corresponding provisions of any future U.S. Internal Revenue Law). The organization(s) so designated will be selected and voted on by a majority vote of the Board of Directors present at a special meeting called by the President or by four members of the Board of Directors.

Article II: Mission Statement

Nashua Cal Ripken Baseball League is dedicated to providing our players a fun baseball learning experience while teaching the fundamentals of baseball, promoting sportsmanship in a positive environment and developing players while respecting the rules of the game.

Article III: Governance

Section 1: Board of Directors

All elected officers of Nashua Cal Ripken Baseball shall be referred to as “the Board”.

The Board consists of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Registrar, Fields & City Liaison, Player/Coach Development Director, Media and Communications Director, Purchasing Director, and Fundraising Director.

The Board shall have full authority to direct the property, affairs, and activities of the League.

No Board members shall receive any salary or compensation for services rendered.

The Executive Board consists of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary.

Section 2: Elections

Elections will be held annually on the first Monday evening of November during the regularly scheduled Board meeting. The date, time, and place will be announced to the league in October and will be announced via email, social media, and on the the league’s website.

Board members and candidates for open positions must be an existing coach or parent/legal guardian of a league age player to ensure a direct connection to the current operations of the league. If there is a candidate outside this criteria, a vote of the Board to allow them to run must occur.

Candidates must submit their intention to run to the Secretary at least one week prior to the election. The Secretary will then announce the candidates to the league. The Secretary will be responsible for communication regarding the election.

Members of the Board shall be elected in the order mentioned in Section 1, beginning with the President in even numbered years, and the Vice-President in odd numbered years.

The Secretary shall announce the candidates for each position, and each candidate will address the eligible voters present at the meeting with a brief statement highlighting their qualifications to serve as a Director. Eligible voters will be allowed to ask questions of all the candidates, and the Secretary will moderate the question and answer period.

All votes will be cast on paper ballot.

Eligible voters will be the Board, coaches, umpires, and league parents who are present at the November meeting.  No one will be able to vote who does not have a current association with the League, or is under eighteen years of age.

A candidate must be elected by a majority of eligible voters then present. If no candidate achieves such a majority, the Secretary shall call for a run-off election between the two candidates receiving the most votes for each such position.

Terms are for two years and begin on the first Monday of November and end on October 31st.

The President, Treasurer, Registrar, Player/Coach Development Director and Purchasing Director positions will be elected in even numbered years.

The Vice-President, Secretary, Fields & City Liaison, Media and Communications Director and Fundraising Director will be elected in odd numbered years.

In order to stagger terms, the 2018 election will be one year terms for Vice-President, Secretary, Fields & City Liaison, Media and Communications Director and Fundraising Director. In 2019 those positions will be up for election to start two year terms.   

If for personal reasons a Board member cannot fulfill their term of office they must submit a letter of resignation in writing to the the President and Secretary. The remaining members of the Board shall elect a successor to fill out the term of the resigning Director.

Section 3: Duties of Board Members


  • Oversight of all League activities
  • Fulfill roles necessary for successful execution of the League
  • Will preside at all meetings of the Board or pertaining to the League including monthly Board meetings and will oversee all critical issues or appoint a designated representative to act on his behalf.
  • Responsible for the conduct of the League in strict conformity to the Rules and the Local Rules, as agreed to under the conditions of charter issued to the League.
  • Represents the best interest of the league in interfacing with Cal Ripken National Headquarters, Cal Ripken State officials, other city Cal Ripken Leagues, and the City of Nashua Recreation Department.
  • Must keep track of dates of all state and district meetings and attend and represent the league.
  • Presents a report of the condition of the League at the second board meeting of each season after elections.
  • Investigates complaints, irregularities, and conditions detrimental to the League and reports them to the Board.  
  • Shall prepare and submit an annual budget to the Board of Directors for its approval, with the assistance of the Treasurer. Shall be responsible for the proper execution thereof.
  • Appoints special committees, as he/she deems necessary. These committees are advisory, unless empowered otherwise by the Executive Board.
  • Responsible for conducting the affairs of the League and for executing its policies established by the Board
  • Assure that all necessary permits are obtained to allow the efficient operation of the league
  • Provides professional and timely communications to all Board members
  • Presides over all award ceremonies for post-season tournaments or recognition events
  • Utilizes the league website to communicate and update all league participants
  • Responsible for putting into use all changes to the By-Laws, and Rules of Competition as presented to him by the Secretary after majority vote of the Board of Directors
  • Designates in writing other officers, if necessary, to have power to make and execute for/and in the name of the League such contracts, leases and related documents and obligations.
  • Shall have the authority to take whatever action deemed necessary in the event of an "emergency situation", or an occurrence that is detrimental to the welfare of the children. In the event it is necessary to take such "immediate action". In any such case, the President shall, within 24 hours, notify the League’s Board members of this action.
  • Responsible for entering and updating league charter with National headquarters.
  • Coordinate all player documentation including birth certificates, liability waivers, and parent code of conduct.
  • Coordinate All-Star books with input from coaches; confirm player cards, organize insurance information


  • In the absence of the President, or in the event of his/her inability or refusal to act shall perform the duties of the President and when so acting shall have all the powers of that office
  • Responsible for the conduct of the division in strict conformity to the Rules, as agreed to under the conditions of charter issued to the League
  • Shall assist the President in all phases of the administration and operation of the League as well as such other duties as may be assigned by the President or the Board
  • Responsible for coordinating Opening Day and Closing Day ceremonies as well as scheduling of games for the ensuing season.
  • Responsible for managing the relationship between the league and the umpires.


  • Shall give notice of all meetings to all Board members at least one week in advance
  • Responsible for organizing equipment for all levels
  • Retain / Maintain coaches code of conduct
  • Shall keep the minutes of membership and Board meetings
  • Shall be responsible for the distribution of the minutes of the previous meeting within one week after the last scheduled meeting.
  • Shall be responsible for maintaining and distributing the current Bylaws and its amendments, and shall advise the Board in reviewing and/or revising the Bylaws
  • Shall be responsible, at the direction of the President, for annually renewing facility use permits, the Charter, renew insurance coverage and maintain correspondence with Cal Ripken League, Inc. headquarters
  • Shall provide coordination and administrative assistance in the day to day league operations to include league sign up, tryouts, team rosters, schedules, etc
  • Shall notify Members, Directors, Officers and committee members of their election or appointment
  • Shall be responsible for policing proper protocol in all board activities, voting, etc.
  • In the absence of the Secretary during league business, the President shall appoint another board member to temporarily handle responsibilities of the Secretary including recording of all Board voting, minutes of meeting , and action items


  • Oversee and handle all league finances and financial transactions.
  • Maintain league checking account.
  • Oversee execution of league expense policy & procedure.
  • Create league financial statements & reports
  • Will be responsible for the collections and disbursement of league funds
  • Will keep proper financial records, file all necessary insurance forms and submit financial statement to the Board of Directors
  • Shall receive all monies and securities, and deposit the same in a depository approved by the Board
  • Shall keep a detailed record of all income and disbursements of all monies and securities
  • Shall pay all duly authorized expenditures of the League and present a monthly income and expenditure report at the Board meetings submitting a copy to the President and Secretary
  • Shall be responsible for collection of all sponsorship, registration, concession and fund raising money
  • Shall issue checks to vendors, league officials, directors, and/or coaches for all invoiced products or services. All disbursements by any member of the board of directors should be in accordance with the league’s documented financial policy as approved by the board of directors.
  • Reconcile checking account on monthly basis
  • Shall prepare a monthly report of the League's financial status and an annual report of all receipts and disbursements for submission to the Board
  • Shall oversee the preparation and maintenance of tax-exempt status reports and income tax filings with an accountant and/or agent that is properly licensed in the State of New Hampshire and work with the President to prepare an annual league budget


  • Shall coordinate player registration process for Spring, Fall and tournament seasons.
  • Based on registration counts, shall determine amount of teams per division.
  • Shall create and maintain team rosters for Spring, Fall and tournament seasons.
  • Shall conduct the execution and documentation of AAA and Majors division drafts, in coordination with the Player/Coach Development Director.
  • Shall coordinate with Treasurer on the proper accounting related to registrations.

Player/Coach Development Director

  • Work with Registrar regarding new recruits, player assignments
  • Organize & Execute tryouts – league / individuals
  • Evaluations (safety issues, et al…)
  • Working with Skills Coordinators, will arrange with knowledgeable baseball sources from local high schools, and/or colleges, and/or local professional teams to conduct an instructional clinic for all players and managers/coaches within the league
  • Approves promotions to other divisions
  • Shall ensure that all Bylaws, Rules of Competition and Guidelines are enforced in matters concerning assignment of players to team rosters including transfers and late additions
  • Shall act as the arbitrator for all disputes between a player (or player’s parents) and the League
  • Shall participate in the manager and coach interview and selection process.

Media and Communications Director

  • Continuously promote the league in its best image to the public
  • Manage and maintain the league’s website and social media
  • Coordinate content, collect league news, and announcements to publish on league website such as:
    • Standings, game recaps, and achievements
    • Level descriptions, league rules, bylaws, and meeting minutes
    • League events (exhibition games/tournaments, clinics, assessments, tryouts, team photo day, cookouts)
    • Fundraising efforts
    • League registration
    • Partner/sponsor ads and/or content
  • Assist in the delivery of league news and announcements via email
  • Communicate league news and announcements with local media outlet(s)

Field and City Liaison

  • Shall oversee the maintenance of the fields and coordinate all field projects and work.
  • Interact with city employees on all league related activity including but not limited to: field upgrades, field maintenance, league representation at city meetings, mayoral meetings.

Purchasing Director

  • Responsible for the coordination, management, and staffing of Cal Ripken concessions including league activities, league regular season play, and league post season play.
  • Works with AAU teams when applicable to insure integrity of Cal Ripken concessions assets & training of non-league staff
  • Responsible for training of staff for proper concession stand operations including all activities for the proper opening and closing of concession stand, restrooms, and associated equipment
  • Responsible for the purchase, sale, and merchandising of Nashua Cal Ripken branded products
  • Responsible for the purchase, distribution, and coordination of league uniform needs including All Star uniforms
  • Coordinates annual picture taking of the Leagues’ players and teams, select photographer and ensure timely and efficient distribution of pictures

Fundraising Director

  • Responsible for managing the annual fundraisers
  • Responsible for all sponsorships and working with league sponsors on league events
  • Builds relationships with all league sponsors before and after donation
  • Responsible for all tracking of league sponsor’s contact information
  • Other duties as assigned by the league president

Section 4: Non-Board Members

Division Coordinators

  • To establish a list of potential Managers and Coaches for their level and make recommendations to the VP (who will in turn seek approval from Full Board)
  • Assist in evaluation and training of all Managers and Coaches
  • Interaction with Parents, Players, Coaches & Managers to rectify any issues before escalation to the President or Vice-President

Article IV: Meetings

Monthly meetings shall be held on the first Monday of every month.

Meetings are facilitated by the President, and should include an agenda to be circulated in advance. The Secretary shall record the minutes and have them posted to the website within a week of the meeting after approval from the Board.

A quorum of the Board shall consist of 51% of the voting members. All Board members have one vote. A motion is passed by a majority vote of those board members present.

Voting shall be allowed electronically.

An emergency or special meeting may be called by the President, or by four other Directors, at any time. A quorum needs to be present before voting on any issue.

Meetings are open to any interested party except meetings that involve disciplinary actions.

Article V: Managers and Coaches

Individuals interested in managing a team should register during the league registration process.  Managers will be selected by majority vote of the Board.

All managers and coaches will be required to complete a criminal background check.

Managers and assistant coaches must be eighteen years of age or older.

Managers/Coaches shall teach the techniques of baseball play, stressing the importance of skill development, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Managers/Coaches are responsible to maintain the equipment and to maintain accurate records during the season according to the protocols set up by the Division Coordinators.

All managers and coaches must read and sign the Code of Conduct for Managers and Coaches in Appendix “A” prior to assuming their roles. The manager is responsible for their players, coaches and parents actions and conduct during games and all team functions.

Article VI: Amending By-Laws

The bylaws of the League may be amended and reviewed annually in January at the regularly scheduled Board Meeting or as an exception deemed necessary by the Executive Board. Such amendments shall require a majority vote by a quorum of the Board.

Appendix: Code of Conduct

The Board has adopted a Code of Conduct for all players, coaches, volunteers and parents involved with the League, and may amend such Code from time to time. The current Code of Conduct shall be posted to the League’s website and is incorporated into these By-Laws by reference.


Nashua Cal Ripken League Bylaws - 2018.pdf