Fall 2019

UpdatedWednesday July 3, 2019 byNashua Cal Ripken.

Fall Ball Registration is Now Open!!

The season will run between the middle of September through the middle of October and will be a great opportunity to test out the next level before the spring session.  There will be 2-3 events per week with a majority of games being held on Saturdays.

T-Ball & Rookies (ages 5-7)
This is a merged program (t-ball & rookies) for 5-7 year old players to teach the fundamentals of hitting and fielding. The primary focus will be on controlling pitches with a pitching machine in combination with coach pitch. There is more action at the plate and in the field. Fear of being hit by a pitched ball is diminished making the game safer and improving the playing confidence and ability of all participants.

Minors (ages 7-8)
This level focuses on learning to select and time pitches, while the transition between Coach and Player pitching is made. There is more action at the plate and in the field and strategic play is introduced.
AAA (ages 8-10)
Players progress among teammates of their own age and experience level, while continuing to build and refine their fundamental skills and understand and implement game strategy.
Majors (ages 10-11)
Played under Official Baseball Rules, games are played on a 70-foot diamond with a pitching distance of 50 feet. In order to encourage teams to train more pitchers, there are rules that set the maximum number of innings a pitcher may pitch in a calendar week. Regulation games consist of six innings and increased base stealing, pickoffs, and pitching skills are taught.
Please allow 5-10 minutes per player to register.  You will need the following information handy to complete the registration process:
  • Your child's primary physician information
  • Your child's medical insurance card/information
  • Emergency contact information
  • A valid Visa or Mastercard to process your payment. Debit cards are accepted if used as a credit card.  Checks are also accepted.
  • Tball, Rookies, and Minors: $40.00 per player
  • AAA and Majors: $50.00 per player

Payment must be completed before your child is considered registered.  A registration slot will not be reserved until your payment is processed.  Orders in the shopping card are not considered paid.  If you pay by check, your order will be completed once your check is received and processed.

Parent/Guardian Listing
During registration, one Parent/Guardian account will be created.  Please be sure to add additional Parents/Guardians as this information is necessary for us to keep you informed of league events and in the rare case of an emergency.

Code of Conduct Disclaimer
Nashua Cal Ripken reserves the right to deny any player or family registration rights if they are in violation of the league Code of Conduct in previous seasons.  In the event that registration is denied, a full refund will be issued.
To register, click Registration Banner at the top of our homepage.