All Star Workouts

UpdatedTuesday October 27, 2020 byJay LeMay.

Thank you to all who participate in our 2020 Nashua Cal Ripken baseball season. While some reached the pinnacle of success in their league and won a Championship, most of us did not.
In the words of Babe Ruth "Yesterday's home runs don't win today's games". In order words, getting better today will help you improve your performance tomorrow. Do not rest on your success of yesterday because it will not help you play better today.
So, while most of our baseball playing has ended, our thoughts turn to next season and training and preparing to play next year.
There are two opportunities at the New Balance Training center (at the old AB Facility at 3 Progress Avenue in Nashua) to do just that.
The first item is dubbed "All Star Workouts" and offers three different nights of training each from 6-7pm once a week for 6 weeks total starting the week of November 9th:
Monday - Hitting
Wednesday - Pitching
Friday - Fielding
You can sign up for one session, two; or, all three.
The second item is a Catcher's Clinic that runs for five Saturdays starting on November 7th.
Please see below for the information on each.
You can contact Mike Gariepy with any questions you have:
Good luck and we look forward to seeing you back on the diamond in 2021!