Nor'easters Baseball Clinics

UpdatedMonday January 18, 2021 byJay LeMay.

Now that the New Year has turned to 2021 and the weather doesn't match to our January expectations, our thoughts (as always) are on baseball.
And while our season won't be starting for several months, it doesn't mean that thinking about training to get your son or daughter ready for this season should be ignored.
Nor'easters baseball is running some training sessions at their facility (3 Progress Avenue in Nashua) to help your Nashua Cal Ripken player get ready for this season.
The have two programs available at this time - one specifically designed for catchers that runs every Saturday beginning on February 6th and another clinic running over February vacation week (2/22 - 2/26) that is designed as much for skills competitions as it is for fun.
Please check out the following link for more information on the catcher's clinic :>
In addition, if you are interested in the February Vacation Week camp, please take a look at the following link:>
Each clinic takes place at the New Balance Training Center
on 3 Progress Avenue in Nashua.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Coach Mike Gariepy:
Phone: 978-866-2830

Catchers Session 3.pdf
February Break Camp.pdf