League Ages 10, 11 & 12

Updated Friday January 30, 2015 by Nashua Cal Ripken.

All 12 year olds are required to play majors.  Limited top-skilled 10 year olds may play at this level.  Occasionally an inexperienced 11 year old not quite ready for majors has played down at the AAA level. 11 year olds playing down at the AAA level must be pre-approved by the executive committee

What to Expect

The Majors level of play is sometimes a player’s first introduction to “real” baseball and develops their skills for future play in Babe Ruth or organized school play.  Players are introduced to a 70’ base path at this level.  Infield fly rule is called. Balks, leading, stealing are now introduced as well as most baseball rules apply. Teams may only use 3 outfielders.  At start of season, pitchers are granted a warning and explanation of balk by umpire on initial infraction.  Following the warning, all players on base will advance as each additional balk is called during game play.  At the half way point of season, balk warnings are no longer in effect and players on base will advance from the initial infraction in a game and on any additional infractions.


Three outs per inning. Runners can advance on passed balls and steal home.

Level of Competitiveness

Games are very competitive. There are playoffs at the end of the season in the form of the Nashua City Tournament.

*Playing Time

Players who perform better will play infield positions more often. All players must play 2 innings in the field and get 1 at bat.

*Playing time guidelines are based on a roster of 12 players. If additional players are added to the roster, this will affect playing time guidelines.