Ages 9, 10 & 11

Updated Saturday February 18, 2017 by Nashua Cal Ripken.

AAA should consist of mostly 9 and 10 year olds. Occasionally an inexperienced 11 year old not quite ready for majors may play at this level.  11 year olds playing at this level must be pre-approved by the executive committee.

What to Expect

Most kids will play at this level for a period of 2-3 years.  For some, this is their first year of “Kid pitch” and “merit play” baseball.  First year players in this division are learning a lot about fundamental baseball.  There will be a large diversity in skill level within this level and for this reason; coaches will use their discretion in player positions where risk of injury to the player is of concern.  By season’s end players should know which base to throw to in all situations, know how to bunt, slide and execute a run down. Players should learn about cut-offs and be experts at covering home on a passed ball.  Skills drills will expand on the drills in earlier league play and include development of pitchers and catchers, fielding ground balls for situational play, and catching in the outfield (drop step).

Basic Rules

Three outs per inning. Runners can advance on passed balls and “steal” home. Teams may use 4 outfielders.

Level of Competitiveness

Games are competitive. Teams keep score. There are AAA playoffs at the end of the season in the form of a Nashua City Tournament.

Playing Time

Players who perform better will play infield positions more often. Every player should play the infield at least 1 inning per game. Not every player will pitch or catch unless the coach feels that’s appropriate. No player will sit out more than 2 innings per game. Coaches should keep track of basic stats to ensure their batting order is based on merit. Many players will play three years in AAA, so parents whose children sit two innings each game or don’t play key positions as often as desired should understand they’ll have more time to develop and perform at this level as senior players advance to the next level of play (Majors).


During the playoffs, teams are allowed to have a set infield and outfield, with no requirement that each player play the infield. Players should sit a maximum of 2 innings in a 6 inning game. Player participation in games extending to extra innings will be at the discretion of coaches provided that the 6 inning game requirements have been met.