Nashua Cal Ripken Hitting Academy

8 week program starts January 21st

UpdatedWednesday April 4, 2018 byGary Smith.

We are once again excited to introduce and endorse the Nashua Cal Ripken Hitting Academy at Nashua Sports Academy as one of our leagues skills development programs.

The Nashua Cal Ripken Hitting Academy provides a solid mechanical hitting foundation for our players. Although modeled after college winter hitting programs, it is especially suited for our young players and not only establishes proper hitting fundamentals, but more importantly burns them into muscle memory.

Over the course of the 8 week program, students receive focused instruction from longtime MLB Scout and Hitting Coach Jim Bail with the assistance of our league coaches. Students average 100 swings per 1-hour session while rotating between stations focusing on; balance, rotation, proper hand path and timing - the four keys to a fundamentally sound swing.

The kids work hard and are rewarded with fun skills-based games at the end of most every session.

The 2018 Nashua Hitting Academy runs from January 21 through March 18 at the Nashua Sports Academy.

Session 1: Ages 5-9 – Sundays 11am - 12pm
Session 2: Ages 10+ - Sundays 12pm - 1pm

Registration is limited to 36 per session.

Cost: $150 per player. Nashua Cal Ripken coaches and parents are strongly encouraged to assist with hitting stations, and if they do their player fee is discounted to $100. Family discounts are available. Do not register via the link below for discount pricing. In these instances, please contact Gary Smith ( to register.

Register here

For questions, contact:

Jim Bail

Gary Smith,
Dir. of Player/Coach Development
Nashua Cal Ripken Baseball


About Jim Bail 
MLB Scout, San Diego Padres (current), Atlanta Braves (17 years), D1 catcher, NCAA D2 Head Coach (Franklin Pierce), High School, American Legion Hitting Coach, American Legion Coach, Little League Coach, Director of Coaching and Player Development, Windham Baseball Softball League (11 years), and regarded area hitting instructor.

How the Hitting Academy Model works

  • We modeled the Hitting Academy after Jim Bail’s indoor workout rotation while coaching at Franklin Pierce College.
  • Students are arranged in groups of six and rotate from station to station as a group.  Each station has three hitting stations – three players are actively swinging while the other three observe from a safe distance.  These groups of three rotate after 5 or 6 swings and continue until the group rotates to the next skill-specific station.
  • Stations are manned by coaches/parents.  The focus is entirely on one element of the swing – coaches are encouraged to instruct as little as possible – except as pertains to the specific element the station addresses.
  • Rotations are typically five minutes each so the kids don’t have the chance to get bored.
  • At the end of most workouts, we play a game – which sends the kids home happy and pumped.
  • Typical swing counts are around 100 per kid per session.


William had a great experience last summer with the hitting academy. He learned so much and had a fun at the same time.  Jim Bail has been a great influence on our son and his knowledge of baseball has helped William a great deal. I recommend the Windham Hitting Academy to everyone.
Just thought that you'd be proud to know that your instruction at the hitting academy has really paid off for my sons.  Last night my oldest son hit 2 homeruns at last night’s playoff game.  He first hit a 2 run homerun that hit the fence on the fly.  His next time up at bat he hit another fly ball that hit the ground just ~5 feet before the fence.   He had a hit each time up to bat.
We are very fortunate to have an instructor with Jim's background and knowledge of hitting.  My son has attended the Hitting Academy and showed a marked improvement of his skills.  Jim is great with the kids and does a terrific job connecting with them and keeping it fun.  And the results, year after year, are uncanny.
Chris had a great season!  At one point, he was batting 800.  He hit many doubles and triples and at his last at bat of his last game he hit an in-the-park home run that hit the fence on the fly.  What a way to end the season!  We were all so excited and happy for him!  What a confidence booster!  And it's all because of you!  You taught them the skills they needed to be better ball players.   They love playing the game and we love watching them play!
Thanks soooo much!!  You really made a huge difference for our boys.  We’re watching for the next enrollment date.