Raffle Calendar Winners

30 Winners in 30 Days!

UpdatedTuesday June 25, 2019 byNashua Cal Ripken.

Thank you to all players who sold calendars, and to all of those who bought them in support of our league. All winners will be published below.

If you have won a raffle and have not been contacted by a league administrator, please reach out to

June 1st - Annual Membership to Playball
Lisa DeMichele
Sold by Jaxson DeMichele, Giants, Minors
June 2nd - YMCA 3 Month Membership
Sheila Arias
Sold by Jayden Gutierrez, Giants, Minors
June 3rd - Five Guys $25 Gift Card
Larry Berger
Sold by Nicole Gates, Cardinals, Majors
June 4th - $25 GC Goodales
Nadvi Elmowtacu
Sold by Steven Rosario, Royals, Majors
June 5th - Main Street Gyro
Kim Plummer
Sold by The Plummers, Cardinals, T-Ball
June 6th - $50 GC Great Harvest
Ken Levine
Sold by Teddy Levine, Rockies, T-Ball
June 7th - $25 GC Brothers Butcher
Kristen Whigham
Sold by Gavin Whigham, Pirates, AAA
June 8th - $100 GC Dick's Sporting Goods
Justin Parker
Sold by Elias Parker-Pimental, Red Sox, Majors
June 9th - Field Rental at Tyngsboro Sports Center
Jessica Duquette
Sold by Brendan Bakker, Astros, Rookies
June 10th - $75 GC Walmart
Casey Proto
Sold by Will Proto, Dodgers, Tball
June 11th - $50 GC Bahama Breeze
Wendy Brackett
Sold by Sage Brackett, Rangers, Tball
June 12th - $25 GC Lilac Blossom
Lisa Miguel
Sold by Logan Beausoleil, Rockies, AAA
June 13th - $25 GC Pressed Cafe
Kathy Robbins
Sold by Gavin Asimakopolous, Diamondbacks, Majors
June 14th - $50 GC Olive Garden
Chris Garabedian
Sold by Jaxson Morgan, Cubs, Rookies
June 15th - NTB Oil Change
Jessica Ebrahimzadeh
Sold by Caleb DeMilia, Athletics, TBall
June 16th - Boston Billiards VIP Room Rental
Paul Hebert
Sold by Joe Hebert, Royals, Majors
June 17th - $25 GC TJ's Deli
Ellen Shaughnessy
Sold By Connor Hickey, Astros, Rookies
June 18th - $25 GC Pressed Cafe
Mary Powlowsky
Sold By Adam Dalesio, Dodgers, AAA
June 19th - $25 GC Main Street Gyro
Jenna Tomkins
Sold By Aaron Cullihane, Pirates, AAA
June 20th - $50 GC Great Harvest
Jimmy Sano
Sold by Ryan Garon, Giants, Majors
June 21st - $50 GC Lowe's
Corinne Robertson
Sold by Steven Rosario, Royals, Majors
June 22nd - $100 GC Dick's Sporting Goods
Stephanie Ziniti
Sold By Nicholas MacDonald, Rangers, TBall
June 23rd - Gas Grill from Home Depot
Sandi Munroe
Sold By Katelin Munroe, Angels, AAA
June 24th - 4 tix & gift bag to Altitude
Sandra Jimenez
Sold By Nicholas Paes, Giants, Rookies
June 25th - $50 Fun Pass from Breathe
Mike Abood
Sold By Tylar Fleury, Diamondbacks, AAA
June 26th - $40 Gift Basket from Starbucks
Kellie Smith
Sold By Weston Lyford, Cardinals, Minors
June 27th - $25 GC Butter & Jam
Myles Larkin
Sold by Myles Larkin, Angels, TBall
June 28th - $40 GC Uno's
Erin Quealy
Sold By Cole Woods, Astros, Rookies
June 29th - 3 Month Family Membership YMCA 
Megan Cullerton
Sold By John Cullerton, Cardinals, Majors
June 30th - $100 GC Yogibo
Dana Goulet
Sold By Drew Goulet, Athletics, Majors