AAA Game Recaps

Spring 2019

UpdatedThursday May 30, 2019 byNashua Cal Ripken.

Nationals 10 Angels 2
The Nationals beat the Angels 10-2. Preston Bois and Zach Jones led the hit attack with 2 each. Andrew Thibeault, Brayden Ouellet and Preston Bois struck out 15 for the Nationals giving up only 3 hits. Angels catcher Jordan Rodriguez threw out a runner at second and Jacob Hutchins struck out 5 Nats.
Nationals 12 Diamondbacks 7
Zach Jones had 3 hits including a triple and Trevor Parker Pimentel had a single that went for 4 bases. Cam Flanders started on the hill and pitched well. For the D'backs Nolan Sullivan and Patrick Lemay were the hitting stars, Logan Irish struck out 3 Nats
Athletics 4 Dodgers 13
Dodgers beat the Athletic's in their season open. Jace Dillion pitched well for the Athletics. Extra base hits from Cooper Vaillancourt, Daymien Roy, and Will McKenney powered the Dodgers. Sam Kobs got the win for the Dodgers while Max Demers closed out the game striking out 3 consecutive batters.
Pirates 2 Giants 4
Giants came up on top of Pirates 4-2 in a pitchers duel. Led by the arms of Harrison Joshi, Colvin Levesque, and Owen Forcier, the Giants struck out 15 batters. Braedyn Thyne also had a timely RBI. For the Pirates, Aaron Cullinane and Joey Lantz made nice defensive plays to keep the game close.
Angels 15 Diamondbacks 8
For the Angels, Jacob Hutchins went 2-3 with a double and a single knocking in multiple runs. Cole Dube had two solid innings of pitching, striking out four. The Diamondbacks were led by power hitters Ryan Caruso and Nolan Sullivan, both doubling to drive in multiple runs.
Nationals 5 Giants 6
In a thriller, Giants score 2 to win in bottom of 6th on the back on a walkoff triple by Owen Forcier. Other notables were HR by Braedyn Thyne and stellar defense by Sam Gordon and Colvin Levesque throwing out baserunners. For Nationals, Preston Bois hit a 2 run HR in top of 6th to take the lead.
Rockies 17 Pirates 6
Logan Beausoleil pitched 2 strong innings striking out 4 and giving up 0 runs in this game. Marcus Conti got on base 3 times and had 6 stolen bases. For the Pirates, Will Stanley, Dominic Maffei, Jadiel Sanchez and Aaron Cullinane pitched very tough.
Tigers 3 Rockies 10
Marcus Conti started and pitched 2 strong innings giving up only 1 run. Marcus Conti, Brady Wessel and Ricky Nunez each scored 3 runs in this one. Will Osborn pitched in with a huge single, 2 walks, a SB and 2 runs scored. For the Tigers, Cole Brandt had a hit, a walk and 2 runs scored.
Orioles 8 Dodgers 11
Solid pitching from Sam Kobs and Jacob Griffin led the Dodgers to victory. Offense came off the bats of Max Demers, Jake Homsy, and Ted Smiley. Orioles received great pitching from Justin Sanossian and defensive plays from Phil Louis and Karthik Suresh.
Dodgers 10 Tigers 1
Extra base hits Cooper Vaillancourt and Will McKenney powered the Dodgers offense while solid pitching from Sam Kobs and Jacob Griffin led the Dodgers to victory. Orioles received great pitching from Justin Sanossian and defensive plays from Phil Louis and Karthik Suresh.
Pirates 13 Orioles 10
Joe Moniz threw 3 strong innings with 7 K's for the O's and added a two run single to send the game to extra innings. Owen Varley reached base and scored three times. Cam Hayes pitched 3 innings and picked up two key hits in the 6th and 7th innings. Jadiel Sanchez added a home run in the 7th.
Diamondbacks 6 Giants 10
Giants came out on top 10-6, fueled by Colvin Levesque 2nd HR of year, great defensive plays by Connor Johnston and Jacob Fain, and Ethan Long closed out the last 2 innings pitching. For the Dbacks, Nolan Sullivan struck out the side and Luke Graven hit a HR in the 6th.
Angels 9 Giants 5
Angels were lead by Jacob Hutchins, going 2-3 with a triple and closing out the game pitching. Sam Nordstrom pitched two strong innings, also contributing a double on offense. For the Giants, Owen Forcier hit a triple and Sam Gordon got two hits.
Rockies 9 Nationals 16
The Nationals won a wild one 16-9 over the Rockies. Brayden Ouellet pitched 3 shutout innings and Preston Bois had a triple and a single, Andrew Thibeault added a double. Ricky Nunez and Brady Wessel supplied the offense for the Rockies.
Diamondbacks 5 Rockies 4
The D-backs beat the Rockies 5-4 in 7 innings. ROX had 17 Ks from Marcus Conti, Logan Beausoleil, and Ricky Nunez. Brady Wessel went 3-4 with 5 SBs. Nolan Sullivan paced the way for the D-Backs with 11 Ks and a triple. Tylar Fleury had 2 great catches in CF.
Athletics 4 Tigers 10
Behind excellent pitching out of Andrew Butler and a home run from Aivan Garcia, the Tigers beat the Athletics 10-4. Jace Dillon stood out defensively for the Athletics and Nik Shokeen hit a towering fly ball into the outfield for a hit in the late innings.
Athletcs 4 Angels 17
For the Angels, Caitlin Munroe went 3 for 3 and Zachary Goulart had two hits. Jacob Hutchins capped off the offense going 3 for 3 with a home run. For the Athletics, Nick Shokeen hit a triple and Ethan DiMeo hit a single.
Tigers 5 Giants 17
Giants beat Tigers 17-4, behind a bases loaded triple by Owen Forcier . Also contributing were Ethan Long 2-3, Colvin Levesque 2-3 5 RBI; Chance Luna 1-3 run scored; overhead backwards catch at 3B by Jayden Gutierrez; solid pitching from Ethan Long. Aivan Garcia had 2 hits to pace the Tigers.
Dodgers 7 Pirates 2
Pirates and Dodgers engage in a pitching duel at Jackson Field. Jacob Griffin reached base three times and scored two runs for the Dodgers. Cam Hayes pitched well for the Pirates.
Athletics 3 Nationals 13
The Nats beats the A's 13 to 3 at Jackson Field. Back to Back to Back doubles by Andrew Thibeault, Preston Bois, and Kevin Hamel led the offense. Jhaniel Infante also had a big hit. Aiden Preston and Chase Swisher pitched well for the Nats as did Jace Dillon and Jonah Hannon for the A's.
Diamondbacks 17 Orioles 6
The Diamondbacks beat the Orioles 16-7 on Wed night. Johnny Graven (3-3, 3R, 1 RBI), Patrick LeMay (2-3, 2R, 2 RBI), and Kelvin Agyeman (2-2, 3 RBI) paced the offense for the D-Backs. Owen Varley (2-3, 3RBI) starred for the Orioles. Ryan Caruso struck out the side in relief for the D-Backs.
Pirates 11 Tigers 7
The Tigers were lead by Brendan Butler with 1 run and 2 hits along with Cole Brandt who threw 2 scoreless innings while striking out 6. The Pirates were paced by Allana Parent with 2 hits, 2 RBI and 1 Run. Dom Maffei pitched 3 innings striking out 7 while Will Stanley pitched 2 innings with 4 K's.
Angels 16 Rockies 3
For the Angels, Garrett Schmidt hit a 2 RBI double and pitched one inning, striking out the side. Nikolas Levine hit a triple and pitched one inning striking out two. For the Rockies, Ricky Nunez hit a triple. Cole Burns pitched two innings, striking out three.
Diamondbacks 20 Athletics 5
The Diamondbacks defeated the A's 20-5 Friday night. Patrick LeMay (4-4, 4R), Ryan Caruso (2-4, 2R, 3 RBI), and Luke Graven (3-3, 3R) paced the offense. Connor Gott (2-3 1R) had a great day for the A's.
Pirates 6 Diamondbacks 5
Ryan Caruso starred for the Dbacks with 3 hits and 3 rbi including a long triple in the 6th to tie the game. For the Pirates, Jadiel Sanchez had an inside the park home run and the walk off single to win it. Alexandra Cookson tallied 2 hits while Gavin Whigham had a hit and stole 2 bases.